Team memBERS

Meet the team that makes Vistara Circle happen. All of our team members, including our teachers, are volunteers. Our community is special because of the kind and inspiring people who take the time to build it.

Hitendra Jefferson Burton

FB Group Moderator, Attendance Coordinator

Christina Sherrie Wingate

Email List Coordinator

Raksha Mohan

Program Coordinator

Jayatii Jennifer Allen

Meetup Group Coordinator

Karen Hardin

Twitter and Social Media Outreach

Lalitmohan Luis Orozco

Video Production

Sneha Vispute

Long Island, N.Y. Chapter Coordinator

Margaret Russo

Community Advisor

Anushiila Elizabeth Hassan-Lockley

Outreach and Social Media


Can you help us manage Vistara Circle? We need people with video creation and editing skills. Besides that, any time or special skills you can offer will be greatly appreciated and help us run our programs.