Exploratory Meditations

Join yoga trainer and therapist, Dada Vishvarupananda, for mystical journeys into the soul. Every Wednesday, Dada shares a new meditation exploring the inner world with kirtan and discussion. This a level II  online meditation. 

Peter Sage
Dada Vishvarupananda
Wednesdays @ 8:00 AM EST
Online via Zoom



PROUT Rev – PROUT Rev is a YouTube and Facebook Channel dedicated to the Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout). Gustavo Monje is the host of the channel where he and other Prout activists provide Prout commentary on the issues of the day. Prout is a socio-economic theory that provides an alternative to communism and capitalism. It emphasizes local economies, cooperatives, and economic democracy.

Tantra Thoughts

Tantra Thoughts was founded by Gustavo Monje (Krsnatma) as a YouTube channel to share Tantric teachings and philosophy. Tantra Thoughts is also Gustavo’s coaching brand where he specializes in three different areas: spirituality, productivity, and personal growth. You can also find his music on the Tantra Thoughts website.

Yoga for Life with Peter Sage

Peter Sage  (Dada Vishvarupananda) offers four live yoga classes every month that will also be saved in Private Facebook Group for viewing convenience. Peter Sage’s approach to Yoga is comprehensive, exploring and refining the many dimensions of human life. His classes will help you improve your relationship with the body for improved wellness, come to a deeper understanding about the nature and functioning of the mind and provide many opportunities for developing your unique spirituality. To sign for the classes and learn more click here.

NETWORK podcasts

PROUT Podcast

PROUT Rev Podcast: The PROUT Rev Podcast is led by author, musician, and meditation teacher, Dada Veda. On the podcast, you will hear Prout content that is not found on the YouTube channel. To listen, visit: