Rebekah Moan

Rebekah Moan (Radha) attended her first yoga and meditation retreat when she was just 4 weeks old! She’s much older than that now but yoga and meditation have remained extremely important to her since her first exposure. In fact, she’s been running meditation groups since 2005 just for the love of it. One of her greatest joys is meditating with a group of people who care about their spiritual life — and the world — as much as she does.

Inner Stillness

How to Find Inner Stillness

As you already know, the world is a vibrant, chaotic place. It’s filled with tantalizing allurements and distractions left and right. How can you find an inner, still place? A place of peace? Some people advocate running off to an ashram or becoming a hermit in the woods. But even those places have their distractions, their problems. To find inner stillness you don’t have to travel far – look no further than your own heart.