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What is Vistara Circle?

We’re not like other yoga and meditation groups. We’re a community of meditators who care about not only spiritual philosophy and personal development, but also social justice and the environment. Want to meet with us in person? We’re located in Washington D.C., Oakland, C.A., and soon, Long Island, N.Y. Want to meet online? We do that too.


Exploratory Meditations

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Join yoga trainer and therapist, Dada Vishvarupananda, for mystical journeys into the soul. Every Wednesday, Dada shares a new meditation exploring the inner world with kirtan and discussion.

Vistara Circle is a non-profit. All of our teachers and team members are volunteers. Please consider donating to help us sustain our programs.

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Meditating alone in your room is hard. Because bettering yourself is hard. We all need support and that’s what the Vistara Circle Facebook Group provides. By joining, you’ll meet yogis from all over the world, dialogue with one another, and just generally know you’re not alone. That’s what community is all about, right?


Gustavo Monje

Gustavo Monje (Krsnatma)

Host of Online Meditation and Personal Development

Peter Sage

Peter Sage (Dada Vishvarupananda)

Host of Exploratory Meditations

Apurv Vispute

Apurv Vispute

Host of Online Meditation and Personal Development

Rebekah Moan

Rebekah Moan (Radha)

Host of Vistara Circle Oakland, CA

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